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July Impact Event

Welcome to the Impact Blog!  This is our creative space, think of it like a cozy wreck room, where we take a moment to chat about what inspires us, cool things we’re doing, and the extraordinary people we call clients, partners, and co-workers. Come join us as we collaborate and share information you don’t want

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Mobile Apps

5 Kinds of Businesses That Generally Don’t Have Apps, but Should

When it comes to apps, there are certain industries that obviously need them: restaurants, department stores, streaming services, things like that. However, other businesses outside of those who need to realize the benefits of having an app. One of those is the brand recognition that comes from people seeing your logo everything they scroll through

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What is Brand Marketing and Why Should You Use It?

When you have a business, there are certain phrases you hear bandied around. Brand Marketing is most certainly one of those terms to the point where it seems to mean nothing and everything at the same time. This may sound obvious, but brand marketing is the use of your brand in a marketing plan. Not

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The Importance Of Social Media For Your Business

Social Media, for good or ill, had become a large part of daily life. Yet there are still businesses who don’t take it seriously or see its potential value. The only way it concerns them is whether or not their employees are spending too much time scrolling as opposed to working. However, the internet is

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