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Digital Marketing During COVID-19 (and beyond)

The absence of doing business in person has left many people adrift. Those in-person interactions were how we all moved projects forward, sold our trade to others, and now that’s all changed. It’s becoming apparent as states and other countries reopen and have seen large second waves of infections that this crisis isn’t going to

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Restaurant Needs During Covid-19

What Restaurants Need In Order To Function Well During COVID-19

COVID-19 has put so many restaurants and other small businesses in perilous situations. Although they are essential businesses, currently the ban on in-house dining limits the revenue earned. As we wait for this to pass, restaurants have to change their game plan in order to survive. The closures of these establishments also affects a whole

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Social Media Videos

Improve Brand Recognition through Social Media Videos

People are constantly watching videos on the internet. Whether it’s from a streaming service, a video platform like Youtube, or on social media, the majority of internet use is video. It is the kind of content consumers are most interested in. 55% of people pay more attention to videos than they do to any other

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Why a website is important


When someone hears about your business, they will look for a website. It is your book cover and unfortunately, people will judge it. If your website hasn’t been updated since the early 2000s, or worse you only have a Facebook page, potential customers are likely going to decide against your product/services. This is especially true

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