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This is our creative space, think of it like a cozy wreck room, where we take a moment to chat about what inspires us, cool things we’re doing, and the extraordinary people we call clients, partners, and co-workers. Come join us as we collaborate and share information you don’t want to miss!

To kick this thing off, our Team here at ScannedMedia Creative Marketing is thrilled to introduce our Impact Event! Each month, Our Director of Business Development, Seth Everts, will be hosting a livestream event bringing together our Impact Partners in business to share influential knowledge and experience within their industry. The goal of our Impact Event is to provide incredible value to you for your business through fresh, engaging, and specially designed content from our Partners. Together, we want to make a profound IMPACT in our community businesses and the amazing people who contribute; helping our viewers make unforgettable connections that will add value to their lives! 

Our first Impact Event included the following guest speakers and can be viewed on our Youtube Channel. We want to include a special thanks to our Speakers for contributing their time and resources with us to make this event IMPACTFUL to all our viewers. We also want to thank our listeners for tuning in and engaging with us throughout the event with great questions and feedback. People are what makes what we do well worth the effort! Each of our Speakers offer their expertise through the lens of personal perspective, offering value to help us grow in our industry. So, let’s take a peek at what our speakers had to say! 

Devon Thurtle Anderson – (Skepsis Legal Solutions)

Our first speaker is an expert in business law with over 20 years of experience! Devon shares with us the Top 5 Mistakes she sees clients make in their businesses, all of which are completely avoidable with her business-savvy tips. Devon examines each mistake and explains how business owners can plan ahead and take steps to secure their business to protect the valuable investment it is. 

Jesse Johnson – (Champion Empire) 

Jesse is a Business Coach guiding business leaders on how to make confident decisions in the midst of challenging times. He became an entrepreneur early in life and is a successful business owner of multiple businesses. He has incredible insight when it comes to helping people strategically plan and transition their businesses through start-up to successful, fulfilling businesses. Jesse presents the Why, Who, How and What questions that aspiring business owners need to ask when seeking to live a holistically successful life. 

Brian Lifshitz – (AlaMari Media)

Brian has worked over 25 Years in marketing and branding. He is an expert in visual communications, Ecommerce with 3 private label brands, logistics, and product development. He has been seen over 100 Million times online in the last few years! To start, Brian takes us through an interactive exercise to exemplify some key points about branding. He explains branding as a way to tell a story and examines the importance of branding with the impact it makes in our lives. 

Troy Thomson – (Symmetry Financial Group)

Troy has been Involved with insurance and investments for over 26 years. The last 4 years, Troy has operated his own business in the industry. Prior to this, he was a critical care nurse! He saw firsthand how unexpected outcomes affected people’s lives without preparation for the “what if, what when” life can bring. He explains the need for having adequate protection in place to protect businesses, partners, employees, and families, because… Life. Happens! Along with Devon of Skepsis Solutions, Troy explains the two parts of business protection: legal and financial. 

Daryl Shaun Price – (Unicorn Universe) 

Daryl has been in business development with various businesses and corporations. His mission is to provide support to businesses with valuable expert experiences combined in one place. Daryl helps business owners overcome challenges with “S.I.M.P.L.E. strategies, a tool to get on track when uncertain of the next step. He explains the crucial need for mentorship, building alliances with other business people of like values, and having a strategic roadmap to create successful businesses. 

Sway Harner – (ScannedMedia Lead Developer)

Sway is the Lead Website Developer, Marketing, and Customer Analytics expert at our Company! In this interview, Sway dives into the importance and necessity of a business’s online presence from global to local markets. He explains the impact a concise and well-presented website can have to not only help businesses grow but also have a stronger outreach to their consumer base. He conveys aspects about design and how they play out in your business’s online representation to the world. 

Wrapping it Up 

Tune in to the recording on ScannedMedia Creative Marketing Youtube channel if you’re interested to learn more about making a positive impact in your business, community, and yourself! We promise, this investment of your time WILL enrich your life and knowledge in some way! As a bonus, we’ve included a special opportunity for our viewers as a personal thanks for your time and investment in us! 

As we’ve stated, this is our first live stream… and it’s just the start! Click the link above to our Youtube channel, Like, and Subscribe to catch our next live Impact Event streaming August 25th! 

Take care and until next time!

ScannedMedia Creative Marketing Team 

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