Digital Marketing During COVID-19 (and beyond)

The absence of doing business in person has left many people adrift. Those in-person interactions were how we all moved projects forward, sold our trade to others, and now that’s all changed. It’s becoming apparent as states and other countries reopen and have seen large second waves of infections that this crisis isn’t going to end quickly. Businesses will need to rely on Digital Marketing for more than just a temporary fix. They need to adapt.

Reopening won’t be a fix-all

In order to reopen in the first place, businesses will require the finances to do so. However, if they haven’t been able to sell anything during their brick and mortar’s hiatus, this could prove difficult to impossible. It takes time for those physical locations to begin making a profit again. There’s also the fact that once places reopen, infections will rise again. It’s possible that businesses will need to prepare in case they have to close once again afterwards. This is why adaptation is so important. By moving your business into the digital space, you give yourself the opportunity to continue to connect with consumers. It gives them the opportunity to buy your products while stuck at home and keeps you in mind once that’s no longer the case.

Prepare your digital presence

In order to get the most out of your digital marketing, it’s best to prepare your online presence. Some questions to think about are:
Do you have a website?
If so, when was the last time your website was updated?
What’s your social media situation?
These are things to consider ironing out before implementing a digital marketing campaign. Connecting with your business should be an easy, engaging process for your customers. If not, then you won’t get much out of putting yourself out there.

Get ready to invest

The thing about marketing, whether it’s online or in a physical space, is that you need to be ready to put down the money for it. If you don’t commit, then you will not get the results you’re hoping for. Marketing isn’t a cheap and quick way to gain customers, it can take time, and that time will take investment. It’s not to say that you need to shovel a pile of money at a marketing firm to have your investment will work. You need to spend that budget intelligently.

Underhanded tactics have a negative impact

Part of marketing intelligently is to go for the road not taken. Do not try to capitalize on the crisis. All this will do is alienate your customer base and create suspicion about whether or not they should ever do business with you. It’s important to be as sympathetic as possible. You want to ensure that the imagery and language your brand uses are appropriate to the situation.

Don’t be tone deaf

To speak appropriately through your digital marketing, you should carefully gauge the tone you use. If you’re too hopeful and voice a belief that everything will be back to normal soon, or that you’ll be able to snap back from this instantly, you could come across as naive. If you act as though we’re close to the end times, or propagate misinformation, then people will think you’re trying to take advantage of them. Your tone should be confident and understanding. Google released an article recently on some guidelines to consider while structuring your tone.

How can ScannedMedia help?

If you need assistance in readying yourself and launching a digital marketing campaign, ScannedMedia can help! We create sleek, user-friendly websites that will catch the attention of any customer who clicks on it. Through social media management we can teach you how best to connect with people interested in your products. Mobile apps are also a great way to promote and invigorate your business. Whatever your digital needs, ScannedMedia will work with you to craft the best strategy to get your business where you want it to be.

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