The Importance Of Social Media For Your Business

Social Media, for good or ill, had become a large part of daily life. Yet there are still businesses who don’t take it seriously or see its potential value. The only way it concerns them is whether or not their employees are spending too much time scrolling as opposed to working. However, the internet is where the public will spend reliably around two and a half hours a day. If you want to get the attention of consumers, social media is one of the best and inexpensive ways to do so.

Brand Recognition

The biggest thing about social media is that it’s an excellent tool for Brand Recognition. Every time you post, your business’s logo appears on your followers timeline. Which is important for any company, whether their reach spans the globe or they’re a local shop. One thing, however, to keep in mind, is that you can’t treat your social media as a replacement or substitute for a website. Social media is the casual way to engage with people, but if it’s the only source of information on your business, that can look unprofessional. Using something like Facebook can be a great way to interact with customers, but it needs to be the start of their journey with you not the end. 

People are willing to follow a business on social media for one of two reasons. 1. If it’s a brand they already know of and enjoy. 2. If it’s a brand that’s new to them with interesting content. The more you allow your social media to stand out as something unique, the more using that platform will benefit you. Social media can lead to a more authentic connection with your consumer base. Which causes people to be more willing to buy from you.

Customer Interaction

Connecting with potential customers on social can build a more personal connection in ways that other modes of contact aren’t quite capable of. You can establish yourself as an expert in your industry through posts, either of articles you’ve read or as blogs you’ve written about the subject. The more consistent your are in the quality and frequency of your posts, the more engaged people will be. This interest can lead to people trusting you when they need or want a product that you sell. It gives your business a level of authenticity. Which is often difficult to accomplish. There are memes all over the internet of when companies appear inauthentic. When that threshold is not reached, what’s meant to come across as friendly can seem creepy or fake. Even though you are joking around or connecting to people on a personal level, you’re still a business. If you keep that boundary in mind, the consumers will find it more reassuring than if you pretended to be anything else. To act as though you have nothing to sell, or to push too hard in regards to selling, will cause distrust between your audience and you. 

Website and Lead Generation

Other than brand recognition and connecting to people, your social media needs to have this major goal: get your audience to your website. Social media is how you can get people’s attention, your website is what you do with it. Lead generation through social media can bring in consumers interested in your products. The more people check out your website, the more sales you potentially make.


At the end of the day, it is important to promote yourself and what you sell. This doesn’t mean that it should be your only focus while using social media, but it is the main goal. By creating an honest, authentic relationship with consumers, you build a community around your business. And if a problem occurs, is always a possibility, you’ll be able to fix it and apologize without people becoming distrusting or antagonistic towards you. 

If you’re unsure as to how to come across as authentic, or you struggle to produce content for social media, we can help. Scanned Media has the experience and media awareness to give your posts something special they need to catch consumer’s attention. All while keeping it in line with your brand identity.

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