What is Brand Marketing and Why Should You Use It?

When you have a business, there are certain phrases you hear bandied around. Brand Marketing is most certainly one of those terms to the point where it seems to mean nothing and everything at the same time. This may sound obvious, but brand marketing is the use of your brand in a marketing plan. Not only is this useful to introduce new people to your brand, it also allows you to reshape public perception. Once you know what to look for, you’ll be able take note of how others use brand marketing and how prevalent it can be. In this post, we’ll break down the main parts of brand marketing to give you a clear understanding of what it consists of and how that can benefit you. 

What Goes into a Brand?

To understand how brand marketing works, you need to know what goes into a brand. One of the best ways to explain it is: your company’s brand is it’s personality and visual aesthetic. That’s everything from the colors and shapes used on websites, posters, social media, etc. to even the words that are used in your copy. Think of the colors yellow, red, and white. More often than not, the company that comes to mind is McDonald’s. Brand marketing promotes your business as a whole, as opposed to any particular service or product that your provide.

Have a Goal

In order for a brand marketing strategy to be successful, you must have a goal. Really, you should have two goals: There’s the obvious one that you should have a goal involving customer engagement, such as lead generation, sales, brand awareness, etc. That’s a standard goal for most marketing. Specifically for brand marketing, as it is focused on using your brand, you ought to have a goal that customers can connect to. Whether that’s a goal of making an eco-friendly change to your business or supporting a nonprofit organization such as a local animal shelter. A goal that paints your business as one that sees itself as part of a larger community will connect with people. Especially if you do so around a specific time of year. Such as a family-oriented non-profit during Christmas, or an eco-friendly change around Earth Day.

Keep Everything on Brand and on Message

During your marketing campaign, it’s important to stick with the same message throughout. This doesn’t mean repeating the same exact words over and over. It means that if your message is “Our business is eco-friendly” then you need to stay with that topic throughout the campaign. It’s also important, since this is brand marketing we’re talking about, that every post and ad you use stays on brand. This mean you use the colors, fonts, and language that have been established as uniquely your company. If you do this, you’ll sound and look like you know what you’re doing. Having a cohesive brand is important so that people will know and understand at a glance. Often a glance is the only amount of time that you have with a potential customer, especially if you’re using social media in your marketing. 


It can be difficult to decide on what you want from brand marketing. To make the best use of your time and money, you need clear and focused goals. You must be dedicated to your brand in order for anything to get off of the ground. So ask yourself these questions: Are you struggling with your brand? Do you need help putting together a strategy to gain consumers’ interest? Scanned Media can help you create a standard for your brand. As well as build a successful marketing plan to promote it.

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