Restaurant Needs During Covid-19

What Restaurants Need In Order To Function Well During COVID-19

COVID-19 has put so many restaurants and other small businesses in perilous situations. Although they are essential businesses, currently the ban on in-house dining limits the revenue earned. As we wait for this to pass, restaurants have to change their game plan in order to survive. The closures of these establishments also affects a whole ecosystem of industries. This proves that we’re all in a global community that relies on one another. ScannedMedia wants to help through our expertise. Through smart digital marketing and eye catching design, restaurants can keep their heads above water in this uncertain time. An online presence is also integral when face-to-face exchanges are so severely limited. Here are some ways that you can adapt your restaurant to the current crisis and we can lend a hand whenever you need it. 

Online Ordering

It’s important that we continue to flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections. In order to compensate, restaurants must rely on Online Ordering. Encouraging customers to order online limits in-person interactions, but can still be an opportunity for giving great customer service. It streamlines the ordering process and is far easier than dealing with call-in orders. We highly suggest having a mobile app to make online ordering simple and accessible to all of your customers. If you have a mobile app with food ordering it will promote your business every time that customer looks at their phone. Considering the current situation, that’s bound to be quite often! Show that you’re doing your part by allowing your customers the option of in-store pick up or to have the order brought to their car. 

Gift Cards

Encourage loyal customers to buy gift cards for themselves and family. This gives your restaurant money that helps immediately in this lean time. Consider them to be small interest free loans! The people who love your establishment will see it as an opportunity to contribute to a cause that’s important to them. It also encourages the customer to come to the restaurant at some later, safer date. Customers who give their family and friends gift cards to your establishment also serve to promote you in a personal way. The websites we build have the capability for your patrons to purchase gift cards online! 

Merchandise and Products

Selling merchandise of your restaurant can add to your revenue. Loyal customers are excited to support your business in any way they can. They’ll love walking around their home in t-shirts or drinking out of coffee mugs with your logo on them. Once social distancing is over, they’ll get to show off to their friends how they supported a local business through a difficult time. You can also sell your sauces, spice mixes, and similar items in the same way. Many restaurants are making meal-prep kits to sell to customers. Make your customers aware of any additional items you’re selling through your website or mobile app. 

Loyalty Rewards

Increase the amount of loyalty rewards your customers can earn. This will encourage them to buy more from you, especially when they’re rewarded for behaviors such as ordering online or purchasing with a gift card. Customers may be reluctant to spend money during this time. Promising rewards will allow them to enjoy your food while knowing that they’re getting a good deal from you. They’ll remember those deals after this pandemic passes and return to your restaurant again to enjoy the full experience. Our apps have a built-in loyalty system your customers can easily access and review. 

Digital Marketing

For any of the previous suggestions to work the important things you can do is promote your restaurant through digital marketing. Use your mobile app’s push notifications to inform or remind your customers that you are available to fill take out orders or deliveries. Let them know that you have changed loyalty rewards or that you’ve added to your merchandise store. Social media ads can help, especially now that people need to use the internet to connect with loved ones. Even just having a website can be an effective way to market your restaurant, and it looks more professional than only having a social media profile.  

How We Can Help

Our Creative Firm can help you adapt to this strange and frightening situation. It’s times like these when small businesses need to work together to rise above the chaos and make it through to the other side safely. We specialize in making websites, mobile apps, and in crafting digital marketing strategies that can promote and encourage customers to continue to patron your business, even if they can’t come to your establishment in person. 

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