Basic Ways to Market Your Small Business

As a small business, marketing is one of the most frustrating things to deal with. It can be a struggle to understand why some things might work and other things flop terribly. There’s so much to keep track of and to educate yourself on that so many businesses either hire a firm to do it for them or have a member of their own staff work on it alongside their other duties. Maybe you haven’t even tried to fight with the beast that is marketing your business. In this post, let’s look into options that could untangle the mess and lead you towards a better understanding of how small business marketing can help you. 


Not all advertising campaigns need to be expensive ventures. Depending on how many ads you buy, Facebook ads can be quite cost-effective. One thing to understand, however, is that any online advertising that you do will give you short term visibility. That can be great if you need a boost of attention for something like a special event, a new product, or a big sale. Another way to advertise is through specialty publications. Whether they are local or are publishing content relevant to your line of business, print publications can be a great way to catch the attention of consumers, even in this age of the internet. 

Social Media

Social Media is another medium through which you can advertise. It helps give your business brand recognition, which is important even for smaller businesses. By promoting sales, events, and products on social media, you allow consumers to see your merchandise in an organic fashion. If you also connect with influencers and pay them to promote your products as well, that allows the word about you to get out in a way that also builds credibility. When the audience of an online personality sees them using your product, they will trust that the product is worth purchasing themselves. Posting videos about your products also allows consumers to see the value in your business in a way that is interesting.

Content Creation

When using social media, or any online platform for that matter, it is important to have dynamic, interesting content that customers want to engage with. Blogging on your website is important because speaking about your field not only educates your customers but also gives credibility to your business. A well-done blog can also improve your SEO standing. The number one type of content that interests people are videos. Showing your product in action or discussing your field of expertise in a video allows interest to be peaked. Another possible way to create interesting content is to stream. Twitch, for instance, is not just for video game streaming. You can stream contests, special Q&As, or even host charity events that will earn respect from your community. You could also write a guest column for a local or relevant publishing company to introduce your expertise and your business to new people.


Working together with other small businesses in your area can allow for a sense of community and encourage interest in everyone involved. Whether that’s hosting a themed or charity event, or a combo sale at each of your stores. For example, some bookstores team up with local coffee shops and give discounts to people who show a receipt from the coffee shop. You can also connect with local schools or other industries to give special discounts to their people. Joining a local business networking group can also go a long way in connecting with those who can help your business grow.

Your current customers

Forbes suggests that the one group that businesses should always prioritize is the current clientele. That’s a valuable piece of advice. After all “65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers” according to their article. So it’s important to make those customers feel appreciated. Establishing a VIP program allows you to show them how important they are to you. Give them access to member-only discounts, early access to sales, and maybe even access to member-only products.

In Conclusion

Through all these routes, the main goal is to get the name and the message of your business out there. The problem with marketing is that it can take a lot of upkeep to get the full benefit out of the time put in. And none of these ideas are guaranteed to create leads. There’s also the human element to consider. If you want to pursue a new direction with your marketing, why not contact us at ScannedMedia? We’ll work with you to create the marketing plan that your business with benefit the most from.

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