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Improve Brand Recognition through Social Media Videos

People are constantly watching videos on the internet. Whether it’s from a streaming service, a video platform like Youtube, or on social media, the majority of internet use is video. It is the kind of content consumers are most interested in. 55% of people pay more attention to videos than they do to any other content. Out of all the different ways to market to your audience, videos can be the best way to gain traction.  


If you do a video about your product/services, people are more likely to purchase it.

Videos build familiarity with consumers. You’ve undoubtedly noticed how fans latch onto popular Youtubers and Social Media personalities. When people are introduced to the personal face of a business, they are likely to be more interested in purchasing from and vouching for that company. Businesses with videos grow their revenue 49% faster than those who do not.  

Google prefers them

Because Google owns Youtube, they prioritize websites that have video content in their searches. This is especially true if your video is answering a question someone has, like how to do a particular task. Google uses an algorithm that pays attention to people’s intent, rather than the keywords they use, in order to populate the search results. 

What kind of video content should you do? 

Consumers prefer how-to videos about products and other types of explanation videos. They enjoy learning through the visual medium where they can observe someone who knows about the product. 80% of consumers find it helpful to be able to watch a demonstration video when making a purchase. 

Will people actually watch your videos?

In a word, yes. Views on branded videos have increased 258% on Facebook and 99% on Youtube as of 2017 and undoubtedly gone higher recently. The medium of video simply affects people in a way that text posts and photos do not. For example, in comparison to a photo, videos on Facebook receive 135% more reach. If you’re concerned that people would be reluctant to view content that comes from a company, keep in mind that on Instagram, 80% of accounts are following a business. Even on a platform that was founded on photography, videos have overtaken photos receiving 38% more engagement, and about 2.1 times the comments

How we can help!

ScannedMedia makes high-quality social media videos. Whether it’s to promote your brand or to show off a new product, we will create dynamic content for you to post. Customers want to see polished content. When they see the amount of effort put into your content, they’ll know to expect the same quality from your business.

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